The NonverBlaster:hover is a mod of my Flash-based Video-Player »NonverBlaster«. It was developed for the IT-news portal Good on them, they allowed me to provide a stripped down version of it for download on my blog. You can find the download link at the end of this post.

  • It is possible now to show a teaser image (preview image), if the flashVar “autoPlay” is set to “false”
  • All controls are placed over the video now. They hide automatically, if the cursor leaves the stage or doesn’t move for a few seconds.
  • There is a new option to show the timeCode of the video playback (can be switched on and off using flashVars)
  • In FullScreen Mode, it is possible to switch the video scaling on and off
  • I removed the functionality of changing the colors of the controls since nobody really used it with the old NonverBlaster (If you think I should re-include it, post an angry comment ;)) You can set one colour for all the controls now, by changing the flashVar “controlColour”
  • There is a new FlashVar for setting the loop mode to true or false
  • New FlashVar: scaleIfFullScreen
  • New FlashVar: showScalingButton
  • New FlashVar: defaultVolume


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