BudURL is more than just a url shrinking tool – a lot more. Once a url has been turned into a BudURL, you can track click information that will reveal a tremendous amount of information about the click activity of each link.

What kind of power would you have if you could not only shrink a long url, but also add notes and tags along with detailed analytics like you have on your website? Detailed statistics is marketing nirvana, but your website statistics only cover your website. What about social networks, emails, print marketing materials, presentations, etc. The list goes on and on! BudURL gives you the power to quantify this traffic and make decisions that were once a shot in the dark.

How Can I use BudURL?

There are hundreds of ways to use BudURL, but here are some of our favorites. If you have your own favorite way to learn more with BudURL, please let us know!

  • Emails to prospects and clients
  • Email campaigns
  • Profile links on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, & other social networks
  • Links posted to social networks
  • Blog posts and comments on sites that I contribute to, but cannot see the stats
  • Links to PDFs and other files on my website and in emails
  • Links embedded inside mobile, iPhone, and Internet-aware applications
  • Affiliate links
  • Advertising links
  • Landing page links
  • Links in customer support emails
  • ???

BudURL. Shrink. Track. Grow.

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